Beginner’s Choice: Fruits and Flowers

It is particularly hard to write a post this week after following the news that shook a peace-loving country – the news of the abrupt ending of the lives of twenty-four toddlers while they napped. Some were still holding milk bottles in their hands. They left the world more silently than they had entered, and never knew the reason why.

It was while I was preparing a presentation on the richness of Thai cuisine that I read the tragic news on BBC news online.  The following day, a friend in Bangkok sent a message saying: “Today is a very sad day for Thailand.” It was a day that the country came together to weep. Many young lives have been lost in the past months in different countries due to different tragedies, from war to floods, but not many have had a whole nation coming forward to pray and to grieve. Some have asked the question: “How can we prevent such tragedies in the future?” May many fruitful ideas come from a deeper contemplation of life. Each day is indeed a gift that we should treasure.

I can only wish that the happier days of the short lives of these children will leave sweet memories for their loved ones and the community they were part of.

Last Sunday I saw a simple chocolate tart that had strawberries and jasmines on it (featured image). Both are symbols of love. Strawberries represent perfection and jasmines symbolize purity and forever love. I asked Elena, who designed the tart, if she knew the symbolisms. She said no. She only thought they were pretty. I suppose we often go through life not realizing the deeper meaning of things and events. I enjoyed a small slice of the tart, conscious of the need to go easy on calorie-rich treats.

Another day, we had another sweet treat – a caramel basket with mousse, a piece of chocolate and a jasmine. It was made with such love and care that the best thing to do was to enjoy it!

Thailand is a land of many wonderful fruits. The fruits are so good, one might actually prefer fruits to creamy sweet calorie-rich desserts. But balance is best. If you eat a lot of fruits regularly, you can afford to indulge in sweet desserts occasionally. (That’s my personal opinion, of course)

I end this post thinking of the little ones who are now in heaven. They might have not tasted many sweet desserts or fruits. But in heaven they will no doubt enjoy unlimited supply of all the goodies children could ever want. This thought might not be very consoling for their loved ones now, but the thought that love is forever might be in time to come.

Have a good week ahead.

By Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 8 October 2022

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