Beginner’s Choice: Family, Friends and Food

Family time

Cooking for the family is part family life. The family meal is often the time when the family meets, it’s the family get-together time.

When the children help in preparing the meals, they take pride in the meal. Children can start helping from the time they are toddlers, like Ferninda’s boys who help to cut vegetables with a blunt knife.

Time for friends

Social gatherings often involve food. We meet relatives and friends to chat and to enjoy a good meal. However, with rising prices dining out with friends can be a costly affair. But inviting friends home for a home-cooked meal is still an option. My brother seems to do quite well with inviting friends over for meals. They gave him an air fryer as a gift. It’s a good idea because the traditional frying method leaves a lot of cleaning up to do.

Appreciating food

Recently, Val sent a photo of the kimbap she made with a note: “Taking care of a sick friend  has been helping me to appreciate my food a bit more. How much I take tasting food for granted! And as much as we eat with our tastebuds, we eat with our eyes too. The colours make me happy on the days I don’t get to see the blue skies outside much at all.

I am visiting a relative who is sick too. My mother asked my cousin to take us somewhere nice for dinner last night to cheer us up, and he took us to a restaurant that serves his favourite vegetable dish. It’s quite unusual and I don’t know how to describe it. Today we saw the vegetable in a supermarket. It’s actually a vegetable that looks like a flower. I would say that I haven’t had such good Thai food in a while.

Homskil’s Basics of Chinese Cooking workshop was a success. We will now look at developing the Basics of Thai Cooking workshop.

Good company and good service

My mother, my cousin and I met my mother’s brother and his wife for lunch today. We decided to be healthy and to eat a lot of vegetables, partly because my cousin is almost vegetarian. It was a healthy meal and it was very good. Best of all, we were able to catch up after the long travel restrictions.  We kept changing our minds on our choices of dishes, but the waitress who took our order had infinite patience with us. Patience helped to make our meal enjoyable.

Have a great week ahead.

By Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 28 August 2022

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