Gardening: Airwell Chronicles

By Andrea Pavee

Hello everyone!

In my previous article, I wrote about our airwell which is the green centerpiece of our new home.

It is situated right in the middle of the house, with a breakfast nook on one side, the dry kitchen, in front, and the dining room, on the other side.

As Chayo mentioned in the post entitled Beginner’s Choice: The Heart of the Home, kitchens and, by extension, dining areas, are the heart of all Asian homes. They are places of gathering, camaraderie, sharing, love and joy.

Hence, there is a need for me to create an airwell which enhances that same spirit, but with greens.

For many years, I always found housekeeping a big challenge, and I really did not like it.

I always preferred outside employment. Societal pressure did not help either.

I have done a 180 degree turn now from that.

Do not get me wrong, I admire those who manage to balance work and family responsibilities. I take my hat off to them, truly. It is tough.

Perhaps age has a way of changing steel pegged opinions and nowadays, although I do still work, I have managed to appreciate, and even love housework.

Strange as it may seem, the sweeping arc of the broom, the steady swish of the mop, the splashing of water over plates, the swoosh of the iron upon creased sleeves bring peace and calm. Housekeeping has its benefits and while it is not repaid for in cash, its value is inestimable, plus I like it!

That being said, Iet us backtrack to where we started: the airwell. I am refusing to allow pressure to rush the building up of the airwell. I will take it at a slow and steady pace, willing myself to enjoy every moment, no matter how long it takes.

While my initial decorative ideas were meant to bring about a fuller blooming of plants there, the area has somehow morphed into a part time nursery and a staging area for plants to be shifted off elsewhere around the house.

Lately, it is serving as a “hospital” for my poor Bird’s Nest Fern which was burnt by the scalding weather we had over the past few weeks (I hope she can rally back – go Bird’s Nest!!).

While the airwell may not have its minimalist charm (I am not a fan!), nor a landscapers’  dream design, its ever changing face, brings about its own charm, making my house, even more like a home, where all, even plants, are welcome.

Posted by Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 17 April 2022

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