Beginner’s Choice: Thoughtful Meals

Thoughtful gestures make thoughtful meals

It has been two years since Covid disrupted the international travel. Travelling from Singapore to Johor Bahru (JB) (in Malaysia) can hardly be called international travel, as it is a five-minute train ride, but Covid made crossing the border impossible for two years. Since the reopening of the border, happy reunions are taking place everyday between family and friends.

Belinda went to visit her family in JB and came back with pizzas and bread for her kids, baked by Nur who took care of them when they were younger. Belinda got dates for Nur to break fast as it is Ramadan, and she used them to make date bread. These thoughtful gestures make thoughtful meals.

Nur’s pizza and bread

Thoughts for a healthy start to the day

Last Sunday, Feisan attended a HomSkil Homemaking 101 class. She heard about this blog and was inspired to send photos of her breakfast. A lot of thought goes into her healthy breakfast, which is good because breakfast is an important meal, especially for working people who might not have time for a proper lunch.

My average breakfast! Banana pancakes and fruit. I usually have oats to drink.” Feisan.

Breakfast today! Peanut butter honey toast (toasted in a waffle maker), dragon fruit and sweet potatoes.” Feisan.

Thoughts for Easter Specials

A lot of thought needs to go into planning an Easter meal. Very few people I know would attempt to cook lamb, which is traditionally associated with Easter. Elena recommends a rack of lamb with potato au gratin for the brave cook.

Angie would advise keeping to the tried and tested recipes, like beef steak and mixed vegetables. 

Appetizers and desserts also need to be planned ahead. Homemade mango ice-cream is surprisingly easy to make, and is just the right colour for Easter – yellow!

Thoughtful tips

For special occasions, it’s always good to plan a meal that is tasty, appealing to the eyes and within one’s time and energy capacity, so that there is time and energy to enjoy the special occasion.  This usually entails preparing some of the meal and ingredients the day before.

Chocolate eggs and Easter Bunny

Happy Easter and have a great week ahead.

By Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 17 April 2022

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