Beginner’s Choice: The Joy of Sharing and Recycling

There has been some semblance of normality in the past weeks, though I understand that we will have to live with the “new normal” once Covid is over. The past weeks have been very busy, though a lot of activities have been over Zoom. I realised that I have made some new friends over the past two years, whom I have never met in person. I will have to get used to meeting up with friends in-person again, and I am looking forward to finally meeting my “Zoom-friends”.

My friends have been sharing their food ideas, which I am sharing with you.

Marie’s marination

Marie sent photos of her noodle dish, with some tips on how she made it tastier. She is out in Pittsburgh.

My marinated meat today was quite tasty!!

How do I make my noodles and soup more tasty? I usually add soy sauce, oyster sauce, or broth. Sometimes I add doubanjiang (spicy fermented bean sauce) which makes it very flavourful

I realised because my meat was so flavourful, it was a good combination with today’s slightly plainer noodles, plus vegetables!”

Val’s Japanese curry lunchbox meal

Val had time to make her packed lunch. The photo came with this note: “Japanese curry for work today. Hopefully, I will have time to eat it properly.

The pace of work has not eased for nurses in two years. Val still has a smile for me when I get to see her, even if it is only just to say hello.

Uku’s Sabahan nasi lemak

Uku made nasi lemak the Sabahan way. The unique feature of this nasi lemak is that the chili sauce has tomatoes, which gives it a unique sourish taste.

Recycling nasi lemak rice

I found some leftover nasi lemak rice in the fridge today, so I decided to try something new. I made a fried rice with it by cooking it with minced garlic and adding eggs, tomatoes and nasi lemak sambal chili paste. To my surprise, it was very good!

Here is wishing you a fruitful week ahead.

By Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 3 April 2022

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