At Home and Happy

A year ago, we were in Circuit Breaker period (partial lockdown) in Singapore. It was boom time for baking. There were long queues outside Phoon Huat (which sells baking ingredients). I was surprised to find that I could only go in on certain days based on the last digit on my identity card.

The love for baking has certainly grown among the young and not-so-young. There was often the smell of brookies in the oven (brownies cum cookies rolled up into one) coming out of the kitchen as someone made another attempt at getting it right. By the way, it is the only way to make the perfect brookie – to keep going after every failed attempt.

Angela’s Mango Cream Cake Joy

Angela, who read last week’s post for Mother’s Day, sent photos of the mango cream cake she made. She used a recipe from She was delighted to share her joy.

Val’s Handheld Rice Ball Lunch

Val (of Val’s Amazing Lunch Boxes) has been busy attending training courses, but she still makes home-made lunches. This week she made a “handheld” lunch of tuna mayo rice balls with egg and green onions. Her only regret was that there wasn’t enough vegetables in her lunch.

Val” s tuna, egg, mayo and green onions rice balls
Kat’s Sushi Platter

Kat made sushi this week. She learnt to make sushi a year ago from Mika, a lady in Japan, via Zoom, and acquired a new survival skill. When there is nothing for dinner, Kat can roll some sushi in a jiffy. She also learnt the art of frying thin omelets with chop-sticks.

Kat’s Sushi
Angelica’s Boodle Fight

Perhaps the hardest part of the pandemic for many has been not being able to travel, especially for those who were due to go back on home-leave last year. There always comes a point in time when one longs for one’s favourite food from one’s home town.

I heard of boodle fight as a meal for the first time from someone who wanted it for her birthday a couple of years ago. I couldn’t imagine a meal being called a fight, but then it was explained to me that it is a type of buffet served in the army on banana leaves, and eaten without utensils. It’s more of a feast than a fight.

Last year after Circuit Breaker, Angelica sent me a photo of a boodle fight meal which she had cooked. I couldn’t believe it was a meal for two. It was a hearty meal, reminiscent of barrio fiestas where a whole village would join in the feasting.

Angie’s boodle fight

Yes, never a dull moment at home when you have more ideas than time to do everything.

By Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 16 May 2021

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