The Joy of Cooking Precedes the Joy of Eating

This article is a tribute to joyful cooks.

Angelica is one of them. I needed something to feature in this week’s post, but I had not managed to try out a new recipe (saku sai moo – steamed sago dumplings with minced pork, peanuts and garlic, served with lettuce) in time. Besides, there was no guarantee that it will turn out well on my first attempt. I will get to it later today. (For those who have been following the Thai drama Talay Rissaya on television [dubbed in Chinese with English subtitles], this Thai appetizer was featured in the story.)

Fortunately, Angelica had something to share. Her Sunday cooking was done by noon (lunch and dinner) and she had also cooked the breakfast for Monday. Dinner looked delightful.

Baked Eggs with bacon for breakfast

Angelica seasoned slices of pork collar with salt and pepper, pan-fried them without oil, and then baked them in the oven. A “no fuss” meat dish which goes well with mixed vegetable (carrots, broccoli, mushrooms and chayote). A hearty and healthy meal.

Then Angelica wanted to show me her dessert: churros with chocolate ice cream. She had a big smile on her face. She was obviously very happy with her “creations”.

Churros with Chocolate Ice Cream

When one cooks with joy, somehow there is a special secret ingredient which is priceless.

By Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 2 May 2021

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