What is so Amazing about Val’s Egg and Fish Cutlet Sandwiches?

The amazing thing is that Val baked the Japanese milk bread (shokupan) herself! Most people barely have time to pack lunch, let alone make a packed lunch from scratch. Val makes sure that her packed lunches are healthy and beautifully presented.

Japanese milk bread

On the subject of healthy meals, P’Pew sent a photo of P’Pad’s favourite dish: Goong Ob Woonsen. (Incidentally, P’Pad is P’Pew’s sister. Those who have been following this blog will be familiar with P’Pew’s earlier contributions.)

The recipe P’Pad used is not an original recipe. I found a recipe and a video on the Cooking with Nart website (cookingwithnart.com) which looks good. You might want to check it out.

P’Pad’s Thai Shrimp and glass noodle dish

This is a healthy dish because it’s not greasy. The main seasonings are garlic, ginger, soy sauce, sweet sauce and oyster sauce. It’s a very tasty dish!

And if you need a healthy dessert, I made an almond jelly-pandan cake-mango-kiwi-apple- walnut dessert in a goblet and added strawberry yoghurt and chocolate ice-cream. I was using up leftovers again. Using small portions of jelly, cake and ice-cream somehow made the dessert a lighter and more refreshing one.

The Sunday Special

I have had a busy weekend and didn’t have time to try out Andrea’s bread and butter pudding recipe. I was surprised by the overwhelming response to her article and recipe. I didn’t realise how popular bread and butter pudding is in Singapore. It’s certainly a comfort dessert.

By Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 18 April 2021

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