Start a Special Day with a Peachy Smile

Special days don’t come by very often, if they did, they wouldn’t be special anymore. It’s great when you can stretch the day. When a special day is on an ordinary working day and everyone is running off to work or to class, it’s good to have something simple up your sleeve.

A can of peaches, some yoghurt, blueberries and grapes are enough to create an impression! Homemade bread and Danish pastries are easy to eat. The special item on the table is jamon serrano (a Spanish cured dry ham), which is usually expensive, but I found some at Phoon Huat at a very affordable price. Some apple juice and coffee, and we are all set to go!

Someone had to rush off to a class on Zoom, so she took her breakfast up to her room with her.

More to look forward to throughout the day.

By Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 19 March 2021

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