Leftovers Makeovers

Trifle can mean “a thing of little value of importance” or it can mean “a cold dessert of sponge cake and fruit covered with layers of custard, jelly and cream”.

There is art in recycling dessert. I always think of trifle when I think of recycling cake, mainly because I love jelly. But if you add sweet wine or Kahlua in the trifle, it becomes quite special. It has a new spirit to it.

Recently, we had a lot of leftover cake, brownies, strawberries and ice-cream. Putting them together tastefully in the form of a chocolate cake a la mode meant that nothing went to waste.

When a jelly dessert appears, everyone starts to guess what is in it. It’s a good way of using up leftover cut fruits. Jelly and fruit is a healthier option. When there is a knife for dessert, it means that a bowl of fruits will be served. When there is a spoon, it means an exciting dessert is coming. If there is no dessert cutlery, it means ice-cream on a stick or in a cone.

My brother, who is currently the biggest fan of this blog, has been making gula Melaka ice cream and pandan ice cream. Now that sounds really cool. I offered to be his taster and to give my review, but he finished a tub of each flavour by himself. It’s a testimony of how good his ice cream must be.

By Chayo, Homskil Editor 1, 17 January 2021

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