Chicken Bits with a Bite

If you are health conscious and avoid fried food, once in a while it’s good to have a “healthy diet cheat day”. It might not be so good for the health, but certainly good for the heart to have something that brings cheer.

I came across a video of Mama Noi’s Kitchen on YouTube, showing Noi make crispy Thai pork toasts, then I found her daughter, Marion, also on YouTube, making Thai-style prawn toast. (Marion’s Kitchen) I took an instant liking to the mother and daughter team.

I decided to try making Thai crispy chicken toast instead of pork or prawn toasts, and to serve it with a cucumber dressing (water, sugar, vinegar, fish sauce). It turned out well, so I gave a class on how to make it on Zoom (a Homskil event) during Circuit Breaker (Singapore’s lockdown period). It was so easy. Someone commented that her family liked it so much, they saved some for breakfast the next day.

Crispy chicken toast has a distinctive Thai flavour when you add thinly sliced lime (kaffir) leaves, coriander and thinly sliced chili to the minced chicken, and season it with fish sauce. (Egg is used to bind the meat.) If you would like a Thai drink to go with this appetizer, try ice lemongrass tea.

Until the time when holiday travel can resume, little Thai snacks can give you a taste of Thailand (at a very low price).

By Chayo, Homkil Editor 1, 17 January 2021

Go to Menu on Home page, click on HomeGems: Cooking to see photo of crispy chicken toast

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