Family Traditions: Sweet Pies

By Andrea Pavee

To expand my repertoire of desserts, I have experimented with different types of sweet pies. Pies, in any form, are comfort foods, and are always a welcome change to Sunday dinners.

Of all the pies I have made, chocolate pies are, by far, the easiest to make. Plus, they are very versatile. Add in bananas, peaches, custard, cream cheese or cream to each variation you come up with, then enjoy to your heart’s content.

The variations in sweet pies also includes, what lies beneath, which is the pie’s crust.

Popular crust bases are made from crushed biscuits, hence the term biscuit base.

Marie biscuits and Biscoff biscuits make great pie crusts, and are usually the go-to for most bakers.

Our family loves the Oreo cookie base which you can either buy ready made as a 9-inch pie crust or alternatively, get a bag of the crushed cookies, to then make the crust yourself.

Making the crust is very easy.

Just melt half a slab of butter in the microwave then mix it into the crushed biscuit base. Once the butter blends with the crushed cookies, press down either with the base of a glass or spoon to mould the base into place.

Once done, leave the base to chill in the fridge as you prepare the rest of the layers of the pie.

To add variety to the pie, I decided to crush last week’s offering of chocolate chunk cookies to make its base. I used Cadbury’s Black Forest chocolate for the chunks.

They loved it!

For the topping, I mixed about a 2/3 tub of Mascarpone cheese with some icing sugar. I wanted to lightly sweeten the cheese before topping the pie off with it. To finish, I melted some milk chocolate callets and poured it over.

This 3-layer pie is a keeper, for sure.

I have seen videos which use a whole slew of different bases for pie crusts, including potato or tortilla chips, and even Cheerios! Variety is the spice of life, after all.

If you are keen to have a hand in sweet pies, no-bake chocolate pies are an easy, fuss-free option to choose from. While simple to make, they rank high on the list of comfort foods and are truly decadent.


Note from the Editor: I am particularly moved by this article as Andrea sent it while she is in the middle of moving house. The is nothing like a dedicated author!

Posted by Chayo, HomSkil Editor 1, 29 January 2022

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