We have a plan: A Meal Plan

There is nothing like a good homecooked meal, and you don’t have to be a chef to serve a hearty meal. The secret is to know what everybody likes. That’s a great start. The next step is to plan the meal. Keep in mind that a really good meal should be good for the health as well, and not only for the appetite.

Think of the favourite dish everybody will enjoy; think of the ingredients (which are within your food budget); think of the time you have to cook and clear up the kitchen; think of whether you have all the equipment and utensils you need. You might have to rethink the dish if it will blow your budget, or if it will take you nearly forever to cook. You might have to make some slight adjustments, but not make the dish look unrecognisable.

How the food is presented adds to the taste somehow. For some strange reason, we also eat with our eyes.

It’s important to think of how the dishes combine, and if there is variety in texture and colour. The combination of a white fish dish and a white cauliflower dish is a bit too pale. Think of the serving plate as an artist’s palate. Adding a bit of colour goes a long way.

There are no set rules (that the author knows of), but serving a cold dessert after a hot spicy meal seems a sensible thing to do. A crunchy vegetable dish goes well with a soft meat dish. Contrast adds life to a meal.

Meal planning has many elements to it. Nutrition is, of course, the big part, but for now, we are listing only the small parts: something to chew on!

By Chayo, Homskil Editor 1

5 January 2021

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