Homemaking – the New Cool

During Circuit Breaker a cooking enthusiast decided to organise a Vietnamese cooking class on Zoom, with the help of his wife and daughter. Since he had gained some fame with his pho, many people were keen to learn from him. Cooking was a hobby and love which he wanted to share. The youngest participant was a thirteen year old boy, who surprised everyone with his cooking skills. While some adults were struggling to keep pace, he breezed through all the steps to be the first to complete the dish. The adults were left wondering how a such young boy could be so confident in the kitchen. He was like a Junior Masterchef in action. While other people were ordering takeaways during Circuit Breaker, he was cooking Thai basil minced pork, spaghetti Bolognaise, laksa, honey garlic chicken, fried rice, chicken and asparagus, grilled dory, French onion burger – just to name a few dishes. It was a break for him to cook and bake while studying at home. His inspiration for cooking was seeing the faces of those tasted his cooking light up. Meal times at home were special moments for the family.

Circuit breaker did wonders to promote cooking at home. Since supermarkets and wet markets were among the few places we could go to, they became the most popular places in Singapore. Cooking classes on Zoom became an instant hit.

Father’s Day during Circuit Breaker was an opportunity for some to try whipping up a home-cooked celebration meal with a bit of help from the Zoom Chefs (an event organised by Homskil). It was a major operation to get the publicity out and to organise break-out rooms for different cooking sessions. The choices were: Japanese or Thai, or a combination of the two. The cooking demo sessions covered main courses, appetizers and desserts. A food science student shared her secret recipe for the perfect brookie (brownie and cookie rolled up into one). A nursing student taught the art of sushi making. The coconut ice cream by Home Chef Steph was such a success, one participant wrote to say that she was in shock because the coconut ice cream she made was so DELICIOUS! There were many happy parents that day, even though not all the dishes turned out well for first timers.

Yes, lots of young people are finding COOL TO COOK.

by Chayo, Homskil Editor 1, 29 December 2020

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